Windows Shortcut Keys

Posted by Manikandan | 23.7.09 | | 2 comments »

Here is some of the Windows Shortcut Keys, which enable us to work without mouse.

* Win: To open the Start Menu

* Win+R: To open the Run Dialogue box

* Win+M: To minimize all the existing opened windows

* Win+Shift+M: To open all minimized windows

* Win+E : To explore your My computer

* Win+F : To open the Search window

* Win+U : To get the Utility Manager box

* Win+D : To get the Desktop or Minimized all the Opened windows

* Win+f1 : To get the Windows Help page

* Win+Pause : To get the System properties dialog box

* Win+Tab : To shuffling the existing windows

* Alt+f4 : To terminate the current windows programs.

* Alt+Enter : To view the properties of selected items

*Alt+SPACEBAR : To view the System Menu of currently working window

* Ctrl+Alt+Delete : To open the Windows Task Manager

* Shift : If you are like to play the DVD/CD, which is already in your drive

* Shift+Delete : To Delete the Selected files entirely from the Computer.

* f5 : To refresh the computer

There is a key named "Application Key" in Keyboard, most of us do not know this key. This key will does the same function when a mouse was right click.


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