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For all new bloggers, the following key points are helpful to Kick start their blog to Success
  • First know about your Niche(Area of interest). A topic or a  certain thing which you know very well to spread your content in various ways. For example, take my blog - Techinfocus the Niche which i was selected - Blogging. I am having confidence to spread up My niche content as Blogging tips, How to make money from your blog, Internet marketing, SEO and more....So make your content based on your Niche. 
  • "Content is King". Yes, post the contents uniquely. Because unique content only gives more value to your blog. More your blog unique, more you get readers and more you get traffic.
    •  Have some knowledge about your blog or site's template(coding). It give basic idea about your blog. If any problem will arise during entering your content it may help you to overcome the problem.
    • "First impression is the Best impression". As the quote said, make your blog as a stylish and an attractive one. Because, if someone will visit your blog at first time, there is a chance to make that person more attract and he/she may be your regular blog reader at that moment.
    •  See the other competitor's blog in your "Niche" to know what kind of methods and tricks they have been applied to develope their blog. Don't copy the entire theme of the competitor's blog. Just take the positive ideas of their blog.
    • Try to add some widgets to your blog, so that it makes your blog too good and more informative. While selecting your widget, keep in mind about your blog content. You must think whether the wigdet suit's to your blog.
    •  Don't put more ads in your blog. It's make your blog to look like as a content-less blog. Earning money at early stage is more tough for new bloggers. So that few of us will think about to put more ads and like to earn money instantly. If your blog is having more ads, it may irritate your blog readers. So at the beginning stage, put the ads less in numbers. Also while you putting your ads, put your ads something related to your blog.
    •  Don't think yourself as 'Shame' after seeing the Giant blogs in your Niche. Because even they also started blogging like our blog with less traffic and less visitors. It affect your confidence and blog performance. So you keep on blogging with short term goals and thereby you can achieve your Dream of blogging.
    • Don't postponed your work. If you get any useful information or content related to your blog, simply note down the points that comes in your mind. Because there is a chance to forget that content. So 'Do the right thing at the right time'.

    All the Best for your Blogging Success! 

    Put your valuable comments here.